Hood Release for John Deere Tractor – Installation

Hood Button Instructions for john deere tractor

Thank you for purchasing the 3D Fusion Labs hood button.

Prefer video?  Watch Tractor Time with Tim install his on YouTube

Tools Required:

11mm (7/16”) socket 

**We prefer to use a thumbwheel or wrench versus a ratchet.

Removal of old mount:

1) Open hood.

2) Remove old hood mount by unscrewing the nut on the backside of mount.

3) Remove hood mount completely and spacer if it has one.

Installation of new mount


The nut will cut the nub off if you go past snug.  If using a ratchet, go slower and more gentle due to the torque multiplier.

1)   Insert new mount fully. It may be a tight fit. If too tight use a 9/16″ or Christmas tree (step) bit to open the grill up a little.

2)  While holding the front of the mount, install push button through rear and insert all the way into mount.

3)   Install the hood rod into the push button.  Two methods to do this are:

a)  Usually required for 3 and 4-series.  Pull mount and button assembly out of grill a little.  Insert hood rod into push button with slot facing front of tractor.  Insert mount all the way back into grill.

b)   Twist push button so slotted side is facing the front of the tractor.  Hold front of mount firmly.  With other hand grab the end of the hood rod, push hood rod as if attempting to open the hood.  This should give enough clearance to line the hood rod up with the button and slowly release the pressure until the hood rod is seated inside button.

4) Thread nut onto nub with fingers. Gently snug nut.

Test button to ensure operation before closing hood.

**Note: Button may stick in the “open” position. When you close the hood, button will unstick.  With use it will loosen up.